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Ballroom fashion designers attend Beyonce's concert in fabulous custom-made pieces

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Roy and Mallique in front of Beyonce's Tottenham Merch store. Credit Olivia Opara

Two Beyonce fans shared the backstory behind their self-made outfits inspired by the star’s world tour performances of her seventh studio album, Renaissance.

Fashion designers, Roy and Mallique, attended the opening night of Beyonce’s five day London concerts in Tottenham on Monday (May 29th) wearing custom outfits inspired by those worn by the grammy-award winning throughout her Renaissance World Tour.

The pair had spent two months planning, designing and creating their outfits as they enjoy creating concert-inspried pieces.

“We were watching the first few live [performances] of Beyonce and we were like, this is what we want to do,” said Roy.

“Like we had already come up with the idea to dress up – we always dress up for concerts, it’s our thing,” added Mallique.

Roy’s outfit featured a corset inspired by Beyonce’s shimmering Courreges bodysuit that the grammy-awarding singer wore paired with green thigh-high Gedebe boots and Tiffany & Co Jewelry.

Similarly, Mallique’s outfit featured a glittery silver Gilet, which he had spray painted himself – inspired by Beyonce's various silver outfits and Ballroom culture.

“When we saw the first night [of Beyonce’s world tour] and how it was like a ball, we said ‘okay, we are going’ and that is why we came like this,” said Mallique.

Alongside being designers, both Roy and Mallique are heavily involved in Ballroom culture and have been since they were young – with the culture being symbolic of liberation for them.

Ballroom culture, is an African-American and Latin American underground Queer subculture that originated in New York City when Black and Latino drag queens began to organise their own pageants in opposition to racism and discrimination within the mainstream drag scene.

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