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Chef goes viral on Twitter for Beyonce-themed Brunch

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Brigette Joseph's friends at her Beyonce-themed Brunch. Credit: Brigette Joseph

A Trinidadian chef goes viral on Twitter for hosting a Beyonce themed brunch for her friends ahead of attending the grammy-award winning star’s opening Tottenham show.

On Monday (May 29th), Brigette Joseph, treated her friends to a Beyonce inspired brunch in celebration of the pop star’s five day Tottenham residency – with a menu based on symbolism and creative motifs Beyonce is known for. Symbols associated with Beyonce include bees, horses and Houston (the South) where she is from.

Brigette’s post about the brunch has garnered more than 10,000 likes and 620,000 views on Twitter – with many praising her for her creativity.

The menu featured references to Beyonce’s seventh studio album, Renaissance such as ‘Church Girl Pasta (Pastor)’, ‘Summer Renaissance Fruit Salads’ and 'Southern Fried Chicken with Heated Honey Harrisa Glaze'.

“I brainstormed a bit – having a think about who Beyonce is and what ‘Beyonce-themed’ means,” said Brigette. “It was all very intentional.”

The meals were served with ‘Lemonade Mimosas with Blue IV (4) Berries’ – in which the four blueberries represent Beyonce’s eleven-year old daughter, Blue Ivy, as well as the singer’s favourite number.

“My friend, Liam, helped me to create the menu and he likes double entendres – so we just bounced ideas off each other,” said Brigette.

Brigette (Centre) with her friends at Beyonce's opening night in Tottenham

Brigette’s first time seeing Beyonce live was in 2009, six years after she had gone solo. However, Monday (May 29th) was the first time that Brigette has attended the singer’s concert “as this huge mega-star”.

“Beyonce was breathtaking from the very first minute,” said Brigette. “I was in awe.”

From the production to the stadium’s acoustics, Brigette found the whole experience “beautiful”. It was also her first time visiting Tottenham which she found to be lovely.

“[Tottenham] was very nice and I was amazed when I remembered that Adele is from Tottenham. She is my favourite artist right after Beyonce,” she said.

Brigette is a Trinidadian chef, restaurant consultant and event organiser and caterer. She flew in from Trinidad and Tabago last Friday (May 26th) to attend the opening night of Beyonce’s five day Tottenham residency for the London-leg of her Renaissance World Tour.

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