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Why is a White man's future considered

Yet a Black man's past is uncovered?

Haven't both done wrong?

Don't both need to atone?

White boy, shoots down school:

"He didn't mean to, he's mental"

We'll help him

Black boy, walking, wearing a hood:

"He looks suspicious, let's stop and search"

We'll arrest him.

White mother, pays thousands

Just to forge daughter's grades

Sentenced to twelve months

But only serves fourteen days

Black mother, homeless, lies about state

Just to get daughter a better education

It was only just a lie

Gets five years imprisonment.

Why are we treated differently?

Why are we punished harsher?

Aren't we humans like you?

Aren't we humans too?

Please tell us


Olivia Opara

[Image by 177789 from Pixabay]

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